EXCLUSIVE: Michael Caine Explains Last Year's 'Batman 3’ Depp/Hoffman Casting Rumor

Remember when "The Dark Knight" actor Michael Caine told MTV News back in September that he believed Johnny Depp and Philip Seymour Hoffman would be playing The Riddler and the Penguin, respectively, in Christopher Nolan's next Batman movie? It was the scoop heard 'round the InterWebs -- but unfortunately, it turned out to be one big misunderstanding.

While we were quick to follow-up with Hoffman himself, who denied the casting, MTV News finally had a chance to catch up with the veteran actor who first informed us of the villainous Batman casting rumor this week. In town to promote his new film "Is Anybody There?" Caine sat down for a frank chat with MTV Movies Editor Joshua Horowitz about the Depp/Hoffman hub-bub and how all of the casting rumor chaos began.

"I read it in the newspaper and then I got told off," Caine told MTV News. "It was in the newspaper in Toronto about The Riddler and all that, and I thought, 'Well, they announced it.' And then I met this reporter who asked me about it, and the sh-- hit the fan."

While a recent interview with Caine elsewhere seemed to reiterate his prediction that Riddler would appear in the next Batman film, the veteran actor told MTV News that he actually knows very little about Nolan's plans for the much-anticipated sequel to "The Dark Knight" -- and anything reported otherwise has been misinterpreted.

"I don't have anything," said Caine. "I still don't have anything. The only thing I know is [Christopher Nolan] is doing another movie anyway, so it's not going to be soon."

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