[UPDATED] The Weinstein Company Does Not Lose Rights To 'Sin City 2’

'Sin City'UPDATE: Weinstein Co. attorney Bert Fields has issued the following statement denying the report that TWC lost its rights to "Sin City 2":

"TWC's rights to produce sequels to Sin City remain intact as they always have been. Any suggestion to the contrary is complete hogwash."


We've heard from numerous actors pining for the chance to return to the mean streets of Basin City for "Sin City 2," but today we're getting word of a major player from the first film that definitely won't be playing a role in the highly anticipated sequel -- The Weinstein Company.

Although details are limited, IESB reports that the Brothers Weinstein have lost the rights to the follow-up to Frank Miller's "Sin City," and a sequel could be financed by a private equity group with specifics to come soon. The site goes on to suggest that Robert Rodriguez's Trouble Pictures will remain on board as the film's producer.

While news of the Weinstein's rights loss may be welcome to many fans given recent rumors of behind-the-scenes squabbles, this could put an even bigger speed bump in front of "Sin City 2" making it way to theaters -- especially when you factor in Rodriguez's recent comments insinuating that, while the sequel is in the works, it's still a ways off in terms of beginning production.

In any event, stay tuned to Splash Page for the latest developments on "Sin City 2."

Are you happy to see the Weinstein's off "Sin City 2," or does that worry you that the sequel will take longer to hit theaters now? Lets hear it in the comments.