EXCLUSIVE: Terrence Howard Talks 'Iron Man 2,' Eyes DC For Future Roles

Terrence HowardThough his part in “Iron Man 2” was recast with Don Cheadle, Terrence Howard isn’t down for the count. In town to promote his new film "Fighting," Howard shared his thoughts on the "Iron Man 2" change and explained that he might change his focus from Marvel to the Distinguished Competition for future films.

“I think they always wanted Don Cheadle from the very start,” Howard told MTV News, “and it’s nice that they get what they want. They could be a little nicer about it. You don’t make 800 million dollars and then try and shake everyone down. That’s not nice.”

Rumors have swelled about the change with the reasoning ranging from money disputes to allegations that Howard was difficult to work with on-set, but the actor insists that he’s not the sole target of Marvel’s penny-pinching.

“[T]hey did the same thing to Gwyneth,” added Howard. “They came in strong, heavy-handed. You know, life pays everyone back.”

The future is looking bright for Howard, though, and as a committed comic book fan himself, he’s already looking past Marvel and thinking that some DC properties might be right up his alley. Though he’s a Green Lantern fan, Howard said that Warner Bros. has other plans for the franchise.

“[H]e doesn’t become black until the third [Green Lantern]," said Howard. "I think they’re planning to take those steps. We’ll see, I haven’t felt those out yet.”

So, which character does Howard have in his sights?

“Black Lightning,” answered Howard with a smile. “I don’t think he’s really been explored.”

Would you see Terrence Howard in a “Black Lightning” movie? Is there another comic book character out there that he’s right for? Let us know!