New '28 Days Later' Comic Book Series Announced, Will Bridge Gaps In Film Franchise

'28 Days Later'Late last month, I brought you the first word about the partnership between Boom Studios and Fox Atomic that would produce several ongoing and limited series comics based on Fox Atomic film properties. Well, the first title to come out of the partnership was announced during this weekend's Emerald City ComiCon, and will return to the world of the "28 Days Later" film franchise.

According to the official announcement regarding the series, the "28 Days Later" comic's first story arc will focus on Naomie Harris' character from the first film, Selena, and bridge the gap between that film and its sequel, "28 Weeks Later." The series will be "firmly based in '28 Days Later' continuity" and should hit shelves in July. After the jump, I've posted a pair of cover images from the first issue, as well as a few more details about the series.

'28 Days Later'

'28 Days Later'

In their "28 Days Later" announcement, Boom and Fox Atomic also offered up some hints about the specific plot points the series' initial arc will explore: "... A few key questions will be answered along the way: what happened to Selena after '28 Days Later? How did Selena happen upon the machete she wields in '28 Days Later'?"

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