'Wolverine,' 'Dragonball,' 'Batman 3’ And 'Daredevil' Top This Week's Back-Issue Bin Headlines

'Dragonball Evolution'This week's headlines were dominated by talk of "Snikt!" and Saiyans, as "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" and "Dragonball Evolution" coverage filled the Top 10 posts. Here's how the week looked:

- Our analysis of what you should know before deciding to watch the leaked "Wolverine" movie was the most popular post of the week, but Hugh Jackman's announcement regarding a "Wolverine" contest that could bring the film to your hometown was right up there, too.

- Emmy Rossum's message to "Dragonball" fans went out to a massive number of readers, but so did the news that her film, "Dragonball Evolution," was getting a new release date.

But that's not all of the week's top stories...

- Michael Caine insisted that The Riddler would appear in "Batman 3," while "Daredevil" star Ben Affleck insisted he would never do another superhero movie.

- A pair of "Iron Man 2" updates also made it into the week's top stories, and both of them originated on Jon Favreau's frequently updated Twitter feed. Check out Sam Rockwell and Mickey Rourke, then Favreau's "Geek Tour" of his office.

- Finally, WWE star John Cena cleared up those "Captain America" rumors during our "12 Rounds" ice-cream interview session.

Those were the week's top stories, folks. Barring any breaking news this weekend, we'll see you Monday!