Leaked 'Wolverine' Movie Is 'Misrepresentation Of The Film,' Says Studio Chairman

'X-Men Origins: Wolverine'For the studio behind "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," it's been the sort of week that tests whether you really are "the best there is at what you do." While 20th Century Fox hopes a mutant healing factor will be enough to recover after a rough version of their 2009 tentpole film was leaked online, the studio's chairman has gone on the offensive in a recent interview.

"The version that went out is unfinished. It's about 10 minutes shorter, doesn't have key scenes, it wasn't edited, and none of the effects shots were in any remotely final form," Fox Chairman Tom Rothman told EW. "It's a complete misrepresentation of the film and is deeply unfair to the people who have worked on it for years."

The interview with Rothman goes on to name an Australian special effects company suspected of leaking the film (the company has publicly denied anything to do with the leak), with the studio exec acknowledging that the incident is indicative of a post-production process that is far less secure than anyone realized.

"We thought the post-production pipeline was secure at every juncture," said Rothman. "But, obviously, it's self-evident that it wasn't. I have a high level of confidence we'll find out where the lapse in security was and we'll bring the perpetrators to justice."

But what about the star of "Wolverine" and his feelings about the whole affair? According to Rothman, Hugh Jackman is "heartbroken and hurt" by the leak and its potential ramifications.

"He's lived with this thing for 10 years. But he's also a man and knows that life isn't fair, and is more determined than ever," said Rothman. "Hugh and I exchanged e-mails: Basically, we're not going to let the bastards win. But we didn't use the word 'bastards.' That's a slightly sanitized version."

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