Fan-Made 'Green Hornet' Flick Gives Seth Rogen & Michel Gondry A Run For Their Money

'Green Hornet'If you've been keeping up with the latest online scuttlebutt regarding Seth Rogen's adaptation of "The Green Hornet," then you're probably well aware that the rumor mill has not been too kind to the project lately. Likewise, Rogen's most recent, head-scratching comments didn't do the flick any favors, either.

As if that wasn't enough, amateur French filmmaker Aurenlien Poitrimoult has upped the ante in terms of gritty action and breakneck fight sequences in a "Green Hornet" short film that's been around a while now, but just caught our attention here at Splash Page HQ.

We're not saying Rogen and "Green Hornet" director Michel Gondry are slouches by any stretch, but if their take on the character has half the action that Poitrimoult packs in his five-minute short, then consider us sold.

"The choice of the characters and the subject was very simple," explained the filmmaker in a 2006 interview with SuperHeroHype. "For a long time, Manu Lanzi (who plays The Green Hornet) and [I] had wanted to work together on a project. One thing we had in common was our passion for comic books, and Manu’s background as a stuntman and martial arts actor [pushed] us towards a more action orientated choice.

'Green Hornet'

Click on the image above to see Aurenlien Poitrimoult's "Green Hornet" film.

"We decided upon 'The Green Hornet,' a character we both knew very well and that we agreed could satisfy own wishes," continued Poitrimoult. "Manu for the action which is such an integral part of 'The Green Hornet,' and myself for the twist and turns on the comic book world and the urban 'who dunit?' feel."

What did you think of Poitrimoult's take on "The Green Hornet?" Is this the type of adaptation you'd like to see? Let's hear some chatter in the comments.