EXCLUSIVE: 'Hack/Slash' Creator Says 'Everything Is Cool' With 'Eve' Franchise Similarities

'Hack/Slash'A killer idea for a film can sometimes be just that. That's what director Brian Metcalf found out earlier this week after the announcement of his upcoming film, "Eve," was met with skepticism by fans of Tim Seeley's "Hack/Slash" comic book series.

"Eve," would have told the story of a notorious serial killer's daughter who hunts down supernatural murderers to atone for her family history -- an element central to the plot of Seeley's comic, which is also already in development for a film treatment of its own at Rogue Pictures. Fans recognized the similarities between the two franchises almost immediately and spread the word online.

Those fans included "Hack/Slash" artist Kevin Mellon, who recently wrapped up two issues the series and told MTV News, "I really only know what I saw on the initial site, and my initial thoughts of 'Oh, Hollywood, you really are that sad.'"

Fortunately for Mellon and other fans, Seeley says the controversy has been cleared up.

"[Metcalf] and I talked about it," Seeley told MTV News. "It's a coincidence, and that's about it. He was nice enough to admit he should have done a little more research, and is going to change elements of the script that he thinks are too close [to 'Hack/Slash']."

"It was a bit of a shock at first, and the readers reacted just as I did, but everything is cool now," said Seeley.

Metcalf further cleared the air in a statement released at Upcoming Horror Movies, where he praised Seeley and H/S and explained his original vision for "Eve."

"My congratulations to Mr. Seeley for putting out a comic that was published a number of years ago that I want to run and pick up," wrote Metcalf, "I would be upset too if the same [situation] happened to me. If I can't add some more originality to 'Eve,' then I won't release it."

What do you think "Hack/Slash" fans? Would "Eve" have been too similar in its original incarnation? Are you excited for a tweaked "Eve?"