EXCLUSIVE: Vin Diesel Interested in Playing Doctor Doom, Has Discussed Namor/Sub-Mariner Movie

For a man with a substantial chunk of geek cred -- please see his publicly acknowledged "Dungeons and Dragons" loyalty -- "Fast and Furious" star Vin Diesel has remained surprisingly squeamish when it comes to comic book films, declaring that he makes his own superhero characters instead. Interestingly, it might be that superheroes aren't his preference, as the actor recently told MTV News that he's got his eye on some more villainous roles.

"I would be more apt to play a villain," Diesel revealed to MTV News. "[I'd like to play] the protagonist of a story that is also like a Marvel villain -- like Doctor Doom or something."

In light of the newly announced plans for a "Fantastic Four" reboot, Diesel could get his chance to portray the Latverian dictator soon enough. But there are other characters in the comic book pantheon that the action star would be interested in pursuing, including one seaworthy superhero in specific.

"I have some superhero favorites," Diesel admitted. "I talked to ['The Surrogates' director] Jonathan Mostow about 'Sub-Mariner,' which could be interesting because of its World War II-New York connection."

Despite being one of the longest running superhero characters in comic books -- a history that included fighting alongside Captain America in the 1930s -- Namor the Sub-Mariner has yet to cross over to the big screen. In recent years, there has been some talk about "Crank" actor Jason Statham tackling the Atlantean hero -- who, ironically, has also declared his interest in "Daredevil," a property that Vin Diesel once circled.

With Hell's Kitchen in the market for a new crimefighter and Diesel's revealed interest in Marvel's fishy franchise, might we see Diesel and Statham butting heads for roles in "Daredevil" and "Sub-Mariner"? That's one behind-the-scenes documentary we'd love to get our hands on!

Oh, and while we're high on Diesel, check out Splash Page's previous rundown on the supervillains we'd like to see Vin Diesel play. For good measure, let's add antiheroes Black Adam and Lobo into the mix. And hey, wouldn't Diesel make for a killer Savage Dragon? Get out the green paint, slap a fin on his head and you have Chicago's finest lizard cop!

What bad guys would you like to see the "Chronicles of Riddick" actor play? Get those fingers flying and let it be heard that Vin Diesel is wanted by the comic book community!