Idris Elba Confirmed For 'The Losers,' Zoe Saldana Playing Aisha

Zoe SaldanaIt's never fun to lose -- especially when you're part of a loyal CIA black-ops squad that's been hung out to dry by your employer. But Warner Bros. and Silver Pictures are planning to show you the upside of being on the short end of the stick with "The Losers," the upcoming comic book movie that has just added two new recruits to its cast.

The Hollywood Reporter confirms yesterday's rumors that Idris Elba will star as Roque in the Sylvain White-directed "The Losers," based on the DC/Vertigo series. Also joining Elba is Zoe Saldana as the cold-blooded Aisha, the lone female "loser."

Elba is perhaps best known as the ruthless drug dealer Stringer Bell on "The Wire," though he previously shared screen time with rumored "Losers" contender Jeremy Renner in "28 Weeks Later." Saldana, of course, will be seen in this summer's "Star Trek" revival alongside Chris Pine, the new Captain Kirk and would-be Hal Jordan.

In addition to Elba and Saldana, "The Losers" has already recruited Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Clay and Columbus Short as Pooch. If the rumored involvement of Jeremy Renner turns out to be true -- the actor says he wants to play Jensen, the team's wise-cracking hacker -- then the only remaining role on the squad belongs to Cougar, the cowboy hat-wearing sharpshooter that could've easily made our best comic book marksmen list. The villainous role of Max has also yet to be cast.

DC's Vertigo imprint is currently on a live-action roll with the attachment of Sam Mendes to "Preacher," the announcement of a "Fables" television series and now the fast-tracked movement on a "Losers" adaptation. But with the box office disappointment of "Watchmen" potentially weening Warner Bros. away from R-rated superhero films, will the studio act the same way towards other, more mature comic book genres?

Somehow we think that the upcoming adaptations of Vertigo's properties wouldn't hold the same depth and enjoyment of the source material with a watered-down rating -- and hopefully the studios recognize this as well!

How do you feel about Elba and Saldana on "The Losers"? With casting underway, who would you like to see play Cougar and Max? Are you worried that Warner Bros. will slap the film with a more palatable PG-13 rating? Give us your feedback in the comments!