EXCLUSIVE: 'Dragonball' Star James Marsters Talks Up A Return To 'Smallville,' 'Torchwood' & 'Buffy'

James MarstersWith roles in genre hits like "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," "Smallville," "Torchwood" and now "Dragonball: Evolution," James Marsters has the fandom market cornered. During a recent "Dragonball" press event, the multi-talented actor took a moment to share some thoughts with MTV News about the universes he'd like to return to in the near future.

After "Smallville" fans were overjoyed at Marsters' portrayal of the classic comic book villain Brainiac (and alter ego Dr. Milton Fine) in the fifth and seventh seasons of the popular series, Marsters said he hopes it's just a matter of time before his phone rings with a return offer. However, he admits that his own popularity is a stumbling block.

"The problem is that my manager talked them into paying me a whole lot of money," Marsters told MTV News. "When I heard how much, I thought that we'd probably be talking about Brainiac a whole lot and seeing him just a few times."

Likewise, Marsters' Captain John Hart is only a phone call away from a return to the hit science-fiction series "Torchwood." Because of the truncated season this year, Hart won't be back until Season Four at the earliest, but Marsters is anxious to take up the role again on the series -- or as a guest star on "Doctor Who," the series from which "Torchwood" was born.

On Marsters' "hopeful" pile, though, is a return to working with Joss Whedon either as his "Buffy" character Spike (who returned in the "Buffy" spin-off series, "Angel") or as a brand new character guest-starring in Whedon's current "Dollhouse" series. The offer hasn't been made yet, but Marsters said he'll be there the moment he's needed because, it seems, a Marsters guest spot is good for business.

"When I went on 'Smallville,' the numbers went up 70 percent," he bragged with a smile. "They owe me a 'Thank You' card. Or a bunt cake."

What role do you most want to see James Marsters play again? Any other areas of fandom you think he still needs to touch? Share your thoughts below!