'Jonah Hex' Cast Adds 'Arrested Development' Star Will Arnett And Michael Shannon

Will ArnettIt's hard to know what's true and what's not on a day like April Fool's Day. But unless the usually reliable Hollywood Reporter is getting in on the prankster hijinks, you can take this seemingly bizarre bit of news to the bank. "Arrested Development" funny man Will Arnett is saddling up with Josh Brolin for "Jonah Hex."

The once and future Gob Bluth will co-star in the comic book western as "a Union soldier who enlists Hex and is blindsided by the dirty fighting style of his enemies," says THR. The role is apparently not comedic.

Also joining the cast is Michael Shannon, recently nominated for an Academy Award for "Revolutionary Road." Shannon plays Doc Cross Williams, the ringleader of a gladiator circus event. It's noted that his character might appear in sequels should the film's success warrant one.

Shannon and Arnett were last seen on screen together for "Let's Go to Prison," a 2006 comedy where a millionaire-turned-prisoner Arnett comes into conflict with the ruthless Shannon, a fellow inmate. Given the nature of "Jonah Hex," it's a good bet that any scenes shared between the two actors are liable to be gut-busting in a very different way.

While Shannon has played cold and creepy before, Arnett's involvement in the comic book film might seem out of left field. But the actor has been a friend to the geek community, most notably as the first choice to voice KITT on the recent "Knight Rider" television revival. He ultimately had to abandon the project due to a prior commitment with General Motors, whose vehicles would not be featured on the show. So unless Arnett has a previous deal with a horse stable, it looks like the comedian will make his way out west with "Jonah Hex."

Are you interested to see Arnett's take on a dramatic character? Are you nervous that you'll hear "The Final Countdown" every time you see him guns a-blazin'? Ride those horses down yonder to the comments section by the creek!