EXCLUSIVE: 'Dragonball Evolution' Star Emmy Rossum Eyes Neil Gaiman's 'Black Orchid' & 'Death'

Emmy RossumShe’s a talented young actress, finally diving into geek-friendly waters. And now, “Dragonball: Evolution” actress Emmy Rossum has a secret: She wants to be in a Neil Gaiman film.

While speaking with the doe-eyed, 22-year-old actress recently, I asked her about the source material for “Dragonball,” based on a beloved Japanese comic that began publishing in the mid-'80s.

“The mangas that I read are the Neil Gaiman stuff, like ‘Black Orchid’,” Rossum told MTV News. “Okay, maybe I am a geek.”

Knowing that Gaiman, the mastermind behind such Hollywood hits as “Beowulf” and the recent “Coraline,” is working on making film versions of “Orchid” (a role previously coveted by Rachel McAdams) and other old comics, I had to ask: would Rossum be interested in bringing her love for Gaiman to the big screen?

“He is making ‘Black Orchid’,” she said, exposing an interest in Gaiman’s plans. “And he’s also making ‘Death’ too.”

What followed was an interesting game of cat-and-mouse with the affable-but-superstitious actress. So, I’ll just reprint it here word-for-word:

MTV: Have you tried to reach out to him about being in either of those movies?

EMMY ROSSUM: No comment.

MTV: No comment? That sounds like a yes.

ER: I think whenever you talk out loud about things one way or another you jinx things. I’m a big believing in jinxing.

MTV: So, jinxing means that you are hoping?

ER: (laughing uneasily) I love Neil Gaiman. I think he’s a genius. Let’s leave it at that.

The “no comment”-worthy possibility that Rossum has reached out to Gaiman should come as a thrill for the writer/producer/director’s fans, who’ve watched him struggle to get either project off the ground for some time. But do they think Rossum would be the right fit for either film? Well, since we’re not a superstitious group around these parts, let the debate begin.

Would you like to see Emmy in a Neil Gaiman film? If so, which one?