'Caliber' Creator Sam Sarkar Identifies The Series Characters Likely To Shine In Adaptation

'Caliber'Last month, we spoke with "Caliber" writer Sam Sarkar and got an update on the status of the in-development adaptation of that series he's currently writing the screenplay for -- a film that action director extraordinaire John Woo is likely to helm. Sarkar told MTV News that Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil production company (where Sarkar serves as head of development) has officially signed on to produce "Caliber," but the popular actor won't star in the film.

So, with that in mind, we asked Sarkar if there's been any other movement in terms of casting for the film ("A few people have responded already," he told us) and which characters were likely to be the standouts in the big-screen version of his unique, Wild West-era take on the Knights of the Round Table.

According to Sarkar, the character "Lance" (a play on Sir Lancelot) will be "the most fun to play because of the ghost thing."

"He's a guy who -- for all intents and purposes -- is talking to himself in half the scenes," continued Sarkar, "and then you'll shoot an angle and see he's actually talking to the dead. It's a weird characteristic, but i think that would be a lot of fun for an actor to play."

Meanwhile, the original source material also opened new doors in terms of his characters when he went to adapt the book for the screen.

"When I was adapting ['Caliber'], the artwork helped to inspire new things that aren't in the graphic novel but ended up in the screenplay," recalled Sarkar. "There were little moments that were suggested in panels -- like Gwen's singing, for instance."

"In the comic book, you don't really get a sense of what Gwen does as a performer other than that she's like a showgirl," explained Sarkar. "However, by looking at the art, I realized there was an opportunity to make her like a troubadour -- more of a songstress. So in the screenplay, she became much more of a thoughtful singer, and she would sing stuff depending on the mood. That's not the Gwen you remember from King Arthur."

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