EXCLUSIVE: Brett Ratner Says New 'Conan' Movie Is 'Not An Homage, Not A Remake'

'Conan'When last we heard from "X-Men: The Last Stand" director Brett Ratner, who had previously denied rumors he was attached to a big-screen "Conan" revamp, he was telling MTV News who he'd like to see take on the "Conan" role made famous by a certain Governor of California.

And for someone who, by his own admission, isn't officially attached to the new project featuring one of US President Barack Obama's all-time favorite comic book characters, Ratner certainly knows quite a bit about the new "Conan" movie -- and it looks like "new" seems to be the key word there.

"The script is very cool, contemporary," Ratner told MTV News. "It’s not an homage. It’s not a remake, really. It’s going back to the original source material -- the mythology of the characters."

Meanwhile, for fans eager to see the famous Cimmerian make his way to the big screen, Ratner hinted that he might be very close to making a decision regarding his involvement with the project. "[Screenwriters Dirk Blackman and Howard McCain] just did an incredible, incredible job or else I wouldn’t be risking it," said Ratner. "Because I know how difficult it is to do these movies and its something that I’m really excited about."

Do you think Ratner would be a good choice for a "Conan" revival? Or are there other directors out there better suited for the barbarian? Let's here it in the comments, folks!