'Iron Man 2’ Begins Filming Monday, Jon Favreau Offers 'Geek Tour' Of Office

'Iron Man'"Iron Man 2" director Jon Favreau continues to be one of the most active and interesting Twitter users from the world of comic book filmmakers, with buzz-worthy updates and images popping up on a daily basis in his stream of posts. Today, Favreau reported that filming for the much-anticipated "Iron Man" sequel will begin on Monday, and the "last of cast has arrived in LA."

While it's nice to hear that the cameras are ready to roll on the film -- which has had its share of casting troubles over the last few months -- that's not the only interesting thing popping up in Favreau's assorted Twitterings. The director has also been giving subscribers a "Geek Tour" of his office lately, posting photos of various items from the production of "Iron Man" and other films that would make even the most hardened collectors swoon.

One of my favorite items from Favreau's photo tour thus far has been the following image, described as a "Sketchbook page from storyboard artist Eric Ramsey of Mk1 from cave escape":

Iron Man

Favreau also posted the following image of a "Half scale Mark 3 maquette from Legacy Effects":

Iron Man

What do you think of Favreau's "Geek Tour" thus far? Excited for the movie to begin filming? Sound off in the comment section!