EXCLUSIVE: Ben Affleck Swears Off Comic Book Films, Says 'Daredevil' Was 'Not Much Fun'

'Daredevil'Once upon a time, Ben Affleck was thrilled to play Daredevil, one of Marvel’s most complex superheroes. These days, the newly-rebirthed star of the political drama “State of Play” isn’t so eager to discuss his days spent in red latex.

“Uh, no,” he replied recently, shifting his energetic tempo to a methodical, disapproving downbeat when I mentioned the “D” word.

The exact question was a simple one: After the resounding success of such recent hits as “Iron Man” and “The Dark Knight,” does Ben watch those movies and think, "I want one more crack at the superhero thing, so I can do it that way?"

“No, I would not do another,” he said, insisting that he’s sworn off comic-book films for good. “I was cured of that.”

Technically, 2003’s “Daredevil” was something of a success, grossing $103 million at the box-office. It and the fans -- have not been kind to Mark Steven Johnson’s “Daredevil," and whether it was the people he worked with or the people who panned the film, he’s clear about his displeasure over the whole damn “Daredevil” fiasco.

“That experience was not that much fun,” he said frankly. “And it’s not something I’m particularly looking to go through again.”

So, with superhero movies gone from his future agenda, Affleck will open the excellent “State of Play” with Russell Crowe and Rachel McAdams on April 17th. After that, he’ll resume his sizzling directing career by following 2007’s Oscar-nominated “Gone Baby Gone” with “The Town,” which will also feature him as an actor.

And if any future interviewers ever mention the dreaded “D” word, they’ll likely be greeted the same way I was: With a downshift in tone, and the hint that there’s a really traumatic “Daredevil” story deep inside Ben Affleck that he wishes he could tell.

“One of the things about doing [a superhero movie] is that…” he began, then corrected himself. “No, that is not something I would want to do.”

What do you think? Should Ben Affleck stay away from tights, capes and supervillains forever? Or is there a hero he could do justice?