UPDATE: Leonardo DiCaprio Not Attached To 'Button Man' Adaptation

Leonardo DiCaprioThe upcoming film "Button Man" is not related in any way to "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" -- and, contrary to earlier reports, it's not related to Leonardo DiCaprio, either.

Entertainment Weekly is crying foul on Internet rumors that the "Body of Lies" actor would star in the "2000 A.D." comic property. The news site is reporting that Leo is not attached to "Button Man" according to studio representatives. The rumor originated from a listing in Production Weekly, a print magazine that provides information on Hollywood projects.

While DiCaprio's involvement is now officially scrapped, there is movement on "Button Man." A DreamWorks representative tells Entertainment Weekly that "Eagle Eye" screenwriter Hillary Seitz will pen the screenplay for the comic book adaptation.

Even with DiCaprio out of the running, the actor's sizable workload is hardly reduced as he prepares to star in "Inception" and produce "Ninja Scroll" and "Akira." His departure from "Button Man" is a shame, really, as the Oscar nominated actor would do quite well in a comic book movie.

Now that the lead role of Harry Exton is open, it's time to wonder who will ultimately button up for "Button Man." With Hillary Seitz writing the script, can another "Eagle Eye" veteran -- namely Shia LaBeouf -- be far behind? Or would that conflict with the actor's commitment to the "Transformers" franchise and his rumored ties to "Y: The Last Man"?

Would you have liked to see Leo in "Button Man," or are there other actors out there who'd do the project more justice? Button up your overcoat and we'll see you in the comments section.