EXCLUSIVE: Vin Diesel On Why He Declined 'Daredevil' & Creating 'His Own Superhero Movies'

Vin DieselBy Josh Wigler

Despite starring in a bevy of action films from "The Chronicles of Riddick" to the "Fast and Furious" franchise, Vin Diesel has yet to strap on the cape and tights for a superhero movie. When MTV News asked the actor why he's stayed away from comic book fare, Diesel replied matter-of-factly, "I do my own superhero movies."

"It's very fascinating," Diesel told MTV News. "I think what happens is [the audience] doesn't need to put me in tights to get that superhero feel."

While he's managed to stay away from comic book films thus far, Diesel has flirted with the genre in the past. Most famously, the action star almost played Matt Murdock in 2003's "Daredevil," though he opted for the lead in "xXx" instead. According to Diesel, the decision to stray from the Marvel property was less a knock on superhero movies than it was a show of faith in the "xXx" franchise.

"You have to pick one film," Diesel said of his decision. "If you're looking at 'xXx' or 'Daredevil,' and your heart goes with 'xXx,' you have to commit to it. It's often like that."

"Also, with characters that I hold close -- like the Riddick character -- I don't want to confuse the marketplace and the viewers with too many other characters," the actor explained further.

For those keeping track, Diesel already has three franchises to his name -- "Fast and Furious," "Chronicles of Riddick" and "xXx," the last of which has a planned sequel in the pipeline. With three mainstream characters under his belt, and an attempt at a fourth in 2008's "Babylon A.D.," what's one more franchise property between us movie lovers? With recent rumors of a "Daredevil" relaunch, now might be the perfect chance for Diesel to join in on the spandex party currently sweeping Hollywood.

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