Live-Action 'Wonder Woman' Movie Seeking a Director?

Wonder WomanBy Josh Wigler

It's times like these we wish we had Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth. That way, we could wrangle up the executives at Warner Bros. and find out if the star-spangled superheroine really is closer to getting her first live-action film as reported earlier this month. For now, we'll have to settle for rumors that "Wonder Woman" is currently looking for a director.

"It looks like WB and Silver Pictures are now looking for a director [for 'Wonder Woman']," reported IESB this weekend. "The studios are enthusiastically working together to attach elements to the film to get it up and going quickly."

Prior attempts at a "Wonder Woman" movie have faded out of sight like the character's iconic invisible jet. Most famously, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" creator Joss Whedon wrote a screenplay that was ultimately tossed aside, despite support from both fans and industry insiders.

But that was yesterday (figuratively speaking, of course) -- in today's comic book climate, paneled properties have been treated with more tender love and care than the superhero films of yore. ("Batman and Robin," anyone?) In an industry where a comic book flick such as "The Dark Knight" can earn an Academy Award for best supporting actor, attention is being paid to ensure that these beloved properties are treated with the respect they deserve.

Warner Bros. in particular is taking a thoughtful look at how to appropriately utilize their DC Comics properties, which is one of many reasons that a "Wonder Woman" movie has yet to see light. As "Green Lantern" moves forward with respected filmmaker Martin Campbell directing and comic-friendly writers Marc Guggenheim, Michael Green and Greg Berlanti working on the screenplay, expect similarly substantive talent to be attached to the Amazon warrior's eventual film.

And when a "Wonder Woman" announcement is finally made you can thank the critical and commercial success of both "The Dark Knight" and the recently released "Wonder Woman" animated feature for the film's progress.

Who would you like to see direct "Wonder Woman"? Is this a job for Joss Whedon, or would you rather someone else tackle the project? Your thoughts below!