EXCLUSIVE: John Cena Says 'Captain America' Casting 'Strictly A Rumor... A Pretty Cool Rumor'

Over the past few months, we've seen our share of speculation regarding 'First Avenger: Captain America,' and more specifically, who will fill the buccaneer boots of Steve Rogers -- a.k.a. Captain America. And while the names that have popped up on the rumor grid have included actors such as Matthew McConaughey, Will Smith and that giant blond dude from "American Gladiators," one name that has piqued interest among fans is WWE Superstar, John Cena.

"Strictly a rumor," said Cena in between bites of ice cream, but added with a smile, "If you guys are listening over at Marvel, that is a pretty cool rumor. I'm extremely patriotic, I was a captain of the football team once, so I think it works out. I think I'm your man."

However, just the fact that a rumor exists regarding him becoming the superheroic, living embodiment of America apparently means quite a bit to Cena -- dare we say even humbling the 6'1", 240 pound heavyweight -- regardless if it ever goes any farther than online scuttlebutt.

"To kill the rumor, I was never contacted by anyone," admitted Cena. "Usually when those rumors start it's because someone in that community thinks that I would be okay for a role. I'm flattered that they think I could play Captain America and I would be up for it."

Yet, for an athlete known to give 250 pound bruisers the occasional "Attitude Adjustment" when necessary, could "The Champ" take himself seriously clad in a spandex jumpsuit?

"Hmm...could I take myself seriously in spandex...have you seen my other job?" joked Cena. "I think I could be alright. I think it's a great fit."

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Let's hear it, Cap fans -- would you like to see Cena land the role of The First Avenger? Or do you have someone else in mind? Let's hear your 2¢ in the comments.