EXCLUSIVE: 'Dragonball Evolution' Star Emmy Rossum Has A Message For Film's Doubters

If you've been keeping up with "Dragonball Evolution" here at Splash Page, then you're well aware that -- judging by the reactions on our message boards -- the film has managed to find itself in the "love it or hate it" camp well before its (re-)scheduled April 10 release. That being said, Emmy Rossum (who plays Bulma In the flick) hopes that the legions of Dragonball fans out there will at least give the film a shot before writing it off sight unseen.

"It is called 'Dragonball Evolution' because it is an evolution of the series, and I think that when you're going from a comic to live-action things are going to change," Rossum explained in an exclusive chat with MTV News. "When you take it into 3D that way, it's just going to be a little different. but I think the core of what it it and the core of the story and the core of the characters is the same."

And while Rossum admits that she's tried her best not to pay attention to the detractors out in message board land in terms of the overall look and feel of the adaptation, she feels that what changes have been made will be for the better, and are a natural progression when a comic makes the jump to the screen.

"When you're talking about translating a comic into real life, a lot of things change," said Rossum. "My hair isn't all blue in the film and Justin Chatwin's hair isn't 10-feet high, so I think everything changes a bit or gets lost in translation, so I hope that [the fans are] pleased."

Speak up, "Dragonball" fans -- are you planning on checking out "Dragonball Evolution" when it hits theaters, or have you not cared for what you've seen from the film thus far?