'Robin Hood' Movie Takes Aim, But What About The Greatest Comic Book Marksmen?

Green ArrowBy Josh Wigler

Today's announcement about the new Ridley Scott "Robin Hood" film got us thinking around Splash Page HQ -- what the heck ever happened to the "Green Arrow" movie?!

While DC pushes ahead with "Green Lantern" and "Jonah Hex" adaptations, there's still no official word on "Super Max," the supervillain prison caper featuring DC's Emerald Archer, Oliver Queen. And what about some of the other comic book sharpshooters that have either had mild box office success or stayed out of theaters entirely? Is there a big-screen bullseye in their futures?

From bows and arrows to rifles and handguns, here's a list of our favorite marksmen heroes in the comics world... and some of the deadliest snipers known to the paneled page.

GREEN ARROW: Oliver Queen is many things — a rich socialite, a womanizer, an occasional politician — but at the end of the day, he's always on target. Ollie is the quintessential marksmen of comic book lore as Green Arrow, Star City's friendly neighborhood Errol Flynn. Whether he's against fellow bow-wielders or world-eating supervillains, this DC Comics superhero is the go-to guy when you want to hit a small target from miles away.

Actual & Potential Movie/TV Connections: "Super Max," "Justice League," "Smallville"

HawkeyeHAWKEYE: Whether he's wearing the purple and blues or an all-black ninja suit, Clint Barton will forever be known as Hawkeye. The Avengers' archer has played both support staff and team leader to Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and while he's more than comfortable with a samurai sword and some nunchuks, Barton is truly at home when he's pulling back the string on his prized bow.

Actual & Potential Movie/TV Connections: "The Avengers"

BullseyeBULLSEYE: The current Hawkeye of the Marvel Universe is secretly the sociopathic Bullseye, former Thunderbolt and ever vigilant villain. No matter the weapon -- bow, rifle, dagger, telephone -- any object instantly becomes a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of this perfectly precise homicidal maniac.

Actual & Potential Movie/TV Connections: "Daredevil"

DeadshotDEADSHOT: Floyd Lawton is one heck of a headache for anyone unlucky enough to get caught in his crosshairs. The villainous Deadshot is one of Batman's deadliest foes, thanks to his self-proclaimed "never miss" accuracy with a firearm. While dangerous on his own, Deadshot is made all the more deadly as a member of the nefarious Secret Six organization -- or as a former member of DC's Suicide Squad.

Actual & Potential Movie/TV Connections: "Suicide Squad"

PunisherPUNISHER: Call him a hero, call him a villain, just don't call him Francis. The Punisher not only boasts pinpoint precision with his bountiful arsenal, he's also one of the most driven characters in comic books. As an unforgiving one-man-war on crime, Frank Castle is less a man than he is a force of nature -- and the only thing deadlier than a tornado is a tornado with a high-powered sniper rifle.

Actual & Potential Movie/TV Connections: "Punisher: War Zone"

TulipTULIP: While you're scratching your head trying to figure out who Tulip is, this gun-toting bad-ass is busy pumping your keister full of lead. The girlfriend of "Preacher" leading man Jesse Custer, Tulip's proficiency with a gun is outmatched only by her short temper. Trust us, you don't want to mistake her for just another blonde bimbo -- it'll be the last bad decision you'll ever make.

Actual & Potential Movie/TV Connections: "Preacher"

While there's not enough room on this list for all the marksmen in comic book lore, we tip our hats to Arsenal/Red Arrow, Merlyn, Longshot and "Youngblood" leader Shaft -- they're just a few of the other eagle-eyed mothers you do not want to share a city with.

Who are some of your favorite archers, snipers and shooters in comics? Let us know in the comments section!