Megan Fox Is 'Perfect' For 'Fathom' Role, Says Exec Producer, Explains Screenwriter Choice

Megan FoxBy Mel Caylo

Earlier this month, news broke that "Transformers" star Megan Fox was attached to star in a live-action adaptation of the "Fathom" comic book series published by Aspen MLT. "Fathom" tells the story of a beautiful marine biologist and former Olympic swimmer named Aspen Matthews who discovers she’s a member of a race of aquatic humanoids.

In an interview with Wizard Universe, Aspen president and "Fathom" Executive Producer Frank Mastromauro explained why Megan Fox was the right choice for the role in the Fox Atomic film.

“She knows so much about 'Fathom,' which is spectacular," said Mastromauro. "Growing up, she was a huge fan of the book and a huge fan of [late 'Fathom' creator] Michael [Turner]. When we met her, she was already well versed in ['Fathom'] volume one and [was] asking us questions about the book."

"It's just really great to have someone who is enthusiastic about the material. Not because it's another movie they're making, but because it's a movie that in their heart they want to make because they love the character and they love Michael and the people who created it so much," continued Mastromauro.

Mastromauro also said Turner met Fox before he passed away and was “100 percent for” her casting, adding that he “couldn’t have pictured someone else doing this right now. She just translates Mike’s beautiful [character] into live action perfectly.”

Writing the screenplay is Jordan Mechner, the creator of the “Prince of Persia” video game series, which itself is being developed into a film by producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Mastromauro explains they met with 10 to 12 screenwriters before deciding to go with Mechner’s take.

“Jordan's [pitch] was honestly just head and shoulders above everyone in terms of the way he thought out the mythology and the way he thought out the story," explained Mastromauro.

Mastromauro partners in producing "Fathom" include Fox’s current beau, “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” star Brian Austin Green. According to the Aspen president, one of the first aspects of the film they'll have to tackle is the choice of which visual effects companies to hire.

“I know it's going to be tricky adapting the costumes…and the ships if those are used or not,” he said. “It's going to be a fun endeavor to see how that all works out. But I'm sure [Fox Atomic is] going to pick some great creative people and FX workshops.”

While the “Fathom” movie is looking for a director, Fox no doubt has her hands full with Warner Bros.’ adaptation of the DC series “Jonah Hex,” reportedly starting production as soon as next month.

However, with all of these comics-related projects, Fox will probably have to carve some time out to attend San Diego Comic-Con in July. During SDCC last year, she stopped by the Top Cow Productions booth where the publisher told her she’d be perfect to play Sara Pezzini in the company’s in-development “Witchblade” movie. This, of course, was before the announcement of Fox’s involvement with “Fathom,” so she may be overextending her geek cred if she signs up for another comic book film.

Do you think Megan Fox is right for the role of Aspen Matthews in “Fathom”? Would she be overextending her geek cred if she also signed up for the “Witchblade” movie? What do you think? Post your thoughts below!