EXCLUSIVE: David Hasselhoff Explains How He Almost Became Superman

David HasselhoffTo a certain breed of comic fan (i.e., those who take their funnybooks very light-heartedly), David Hasselhoff is synonymous with Nick Fury -- regardless of Samuel L. Jackson's mega-Marvel deal. However, in an exclusive sit-down with MTV News, "The 'Hoff" revealed that he came very close to being the living embodiment of another, quite popular superhero.

"Believe it or not, I was up for Superman -- the original Superman," said Hasselhoff. "Christopher Reeve was on a soap at the time, and tall and skinny, and I was on a soap at the time and also tall and skinny, and I was up for Superman, too."

Given that Hasselhoff clearly fit the casting requirements for the role -- which apparently called for a tall, skinny actor with soap opera experience -- how did he manage to lose out to Reeve for the role of Big Blue?

"Christopher Reeve got it, and it was one of the brilliant decisions that my staff and I made. They said, 'You don't want to be Superman because you'll be Superman for the rest of your life!'" laughed Hasselhoff. "So that's why those people are no longer with me."

At least The 'Hoff can take comfort that he'll always be considered a Superman of sorts... in Germany.

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