Iron Man's Latest Villain Revealed To Be... Bruce Lee?!

Iron Man vs Bruce LeeBy Josh Wigler

Tony Stark has had some formidable foes in the past. From Jeff Bridges' Obadiah Stane in "Iron Man" to his comic book nemesis The Mandarin, the red-and-gold clad superhero has had his hands full. In "Iron Man 2," a trio of new antagonists will enter the fray, including Sam Rockwell as Stark's rival, Justin Hammer, Mickey Rourke as a hybrid of Whiplash and Crimson Dynamo and possibly Scarlett Johansson as the antihero Black Widow. But there's someone else ol' Shellhead should be worried about more than any of three aforementioned characters.

Yes, the latest villain to challenge Iron Man has revealed himself, and his name is... Bruce Lee?

French-Canadian filmmaker Patrick Boivin has created a stunning, minute-long "Iron Man vs Bruce Lee" stop-motion video featuring the titular characters doing kung fu battle. The video puts action figures into the lead roles and the results are anything but predictable. (Check out the full video after the jump!)

Are Iron Man's repulsor ray punches and kicks enough to overpower Bruce Lee's unmatched physical prowess? Plus, if you thought the crossover craziness was already out of hand, wait until you see what other geek-friendly property rears its head in the final seconds of the video. We dare you not to laugh.

How many of those surprise-guest characters (we don't want to spoil the reveal) would it take to kick Bruce Lee's butt? Give us the answer in the comments field!