'Freedom Formula' Adaptation Gets Official With New Regency & Bryan Singer

'Freedom Formula'By Josh Wigler

It appears that "Superman Returns" and "X-Men" director Bryan Singer is indeed returning to the comic book genre with "Freedom Formula: Ghost of the Wasteland" -- confirming earlier reports of his attachment to the adaptation. Variety reports that New Regency has acquired the rights to the film, which is based on Radical Publishing's futuristic comic book series. An announcement last July revealed that Singer was attached to the film adaptation, but the official word on studio involvement is a new development.

"Freedom Formula: Ghost of the Wasteland" tells the story of a future landscape where genetically engineered pilots battle in massive exo-suits. When one such pilot discovers he has the power to bring about massive changes in society, his life takes a dramatically different path.

The series, which debuted at last summer's Comic-Con, is one of several comic book adaptations that Radical Publishing has in the works. "Caliber" is being developed by Johnny Depp's Infinitum Nihil production company with John Woo potentially directing, while "Hancock" helmer Peter Berg is working on Radical's "Hercules: The Thracian Wars."

Bryan Singer's relationship with comic book movies has been interesting, to say the least. After receiving critical acclaim and commercial success for "X-Men" and "the Man of Steel's box office numbers were disappointing.

In recent months, Warner Bros. announced plans to reboot the Superman franchise, leaving some to wonder whether Singer would be involved with the property’s future. It's hard to say for sure, but his attachment to yet another comic book publisher's franchise could mean that Singer won't return to Superman after all.

Have you been reading "Freedom Formula," and do you think it'll make a good movie? Is Bryan Singer the right man for the job? Would you rather the director tackle another "Superman" project? Hit us up in the comments!