EXCLUSIVE: Are Spider-Man Villains Venom and Carnage Heading For A Big-Screen Blowout?

Venom and CarnageBy Josh Wigler. Additional Reporting By Rodrigo Perez.

Back in July, word broke that Sony was interested in creating a "Venom" spin-off from the "Spider-Man" franchise, but there's been little movement since then other than a few words from symbiote sympathizers David Michelinie, Peter David, Kaare Andrews and Peter Milligan. Apparently, not even Venom's previous handler, "Spider-Man 3" director Sam Raimi, has a clue about that movie's progress -- or that it's even in development at all!

"I guess I don't know about that," Raimi told MTV News when asked about the "Venom" film. "Do you mean Carnage? Maybe you're referring to a separate movie?"

"I must be the poorest source of information you've come across!" laughed Raimi. "I'm supposed to know, but both those things could be [in production] and I don't know about it!"

Is Raimi playing coy, or did he accidentally let slip that the homicidal villain Carnage would be swarming the big screen in the future? Longtime "Spider-Man" readers remember Carnage as Cletus Kasady, a serial killer who bonded with the Venom symbiote and lived up to his namesake by wreaking havoc on Spider-Man and the rest of the Marvel Universe. Could he be the villain in the proposed "Venom" movie? Or maybe, just maybe, Carnage will make an appearance in the recently announced "Spider-Man 4"?

In the comics, Carnage is a slimmer character than the traditionally bulky Venom, but a decidedly lean Topher Grace played Eddie Brock in "Spider-Man 3." With rumors that Mickey Rourke was up for a villainous role in "Spider-Man 4," perhaps there are plans for a muscular version of the symbiotic psychopath in the newest installment.

While it's a good time to be a superhero — please see the box-office friendly "The Dark Knight" and "Iron Man" for reference — it ain't half-bad being a supervillain either, what with the rumored "Suicide Squad" adaptation in the works.

Hopefully it won't be long before we see two alien menaces duking it out in a big-screen "Venom" supervillain slugfest, or perhaps even in the next "Spider-Man" flick!

Are you interested in a "Venom" solo adventure, or would you rather see the symbiote supervillain reappear in "Spider-Man 4"? How about Carnage? Let us know in the comments field!

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