The 'Batman 3’ Villains We'd Like To See The Dark Knight Battle Next!

Harley QuinnEver since the success of "The Dark Knight," movie fans have been debating and discussing which Batman villains should on the big screen next. "Batman Begins" had quite a bit of success in using villains that were not generally known to non-comic fans, such as Ra’s al Ghul, Scarecrow, Carmine Falcone and Mr. Zsasz.

So, instead of talking about how they should do new versions of the Riddler, Bane and Poison Ivy, here’s a list of bad guys who haven't been brought to the silver screen thus far, and which we believe are long overdue for live-action treatment.

HARLEY QUINN: A therapist at Arkham Asylum, Dr. Harleen Quinzel was manipulated and corrupted by the Joker into becoming his whimsical disciple. She even convinced herself the mass murderer truly loved her. Chemical treatments later gave her enhanced speed, strength and agility, making her more than a match for cops and a decent fight for the Batman.

MonkTHE MONK: Vampires are scary. Crazy cult leaders are scary. So when Batman faced a hooded vampire called the Monk who was backed up by a cult of worshipers, you knew the situation was bad. It would be fitting to see a bat-themed hero face-off against a true creature of the night.

NOCTURNA: We’ve seen movies with Batman fighting crime lords, but none were like Nocturna. This sultry mastermind with an allergy to sunlight was the secret organizer of several criminal operations. On top of being beautiful and cunningly manipulative, Nocturna also knew Batman’s secret identity.

Dr. PhosphorusDR. PHOSPHORUS: He's a clever and insane scientist with a radioactive body and anger issues. Batman’s fought his share of psychotics, but it’s a different game when you can’t touch your opponent without getting burned or poisoned. Dr. Phosphorus’ power over radiation and his frightening appearance would make him very fun to see in live-action.

MAD HATTER: A paranoid schizophrenic and a genius with electronics, Jervis Tetch actually thinks he is the famous Mad Hatter from Wonderland. With mind-control devices disguised as hats, he often forces innocent people into performing crimes or acts of general violence for his enjoyment, even causing riots at times. And while he may be short, the Hatter is considerably quick and never hesitates to use his knife against enemies, often screaming “snicker-snack” or “off with his head!”

PrometheusPROMETHEUS: Often described as the “anti-Batman”, Prometheus was a child of prodigy-level intelligence raised by two career criminals. When his parents were gunned down by police in front of his eyes, the boy dedicated his life to destroying those who served law and justice. After over a decade of training, this sociopath not only became an incredible assassin but also created a helmet that allowed him to program his body with the combined fighting moves of several of the world’s greatest martial artists… including Batman.

Honorable mentions on this list go to Clayface, Deathstroke, Rupert Thorne, Man-Bat and Prof. Hugo Strange -- all worthy opponents for Gotham's hero.

Who did we miss? Any other villains you'd like to see in the next "Batman" movie? Any actors you'd like to see in the roles we've mentioned here?