'The Phantom' TV Series Planned For Sci-Fi Channel?

'The Phantom'In December, we brought you news that classic comic strip hero The Phantom would be returning to the big screen thanks to an Australian film company, producer Bruce Sherlock, and writer Tim Boyle. However, now it looks like he'll be getting the small-screen treatment too, thanks to the Sci-Fi (soon to be renamed SyFy) channel.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "The Phantom" is getting a fresh take in a Sci-Fi miniseries. Rather than be daunted by the character's past cinematic failures, producer Robert Halmi Jr. sees it as a chance to redefine the character.

"That there hasn't been a successful 'Phantom' leaves the door wide open for us," said Halmi, "since nobody has made it their own yet."

Sci-Fi was drawn to the masked man because of his realistic setting, and lack of superpowers. "It's not a guy in purple tights," notes Mark Strong, Sci Fi channel executive. If the miniseries does well, Sci-Fi may turn it into an ongoing series in the hopes that they can fill the void left by "Battlestar Galactica."

So, now we've got dueling "Phantom" projects, and what looks like a mini-renaissance for the much-maligned character. We're going to put our money on the Australian attempt, with its purported budget of $130 million, as being the one that can really revive The Ghost Who Walks.

MTV readers, which version of The Phantom do you want to see? Can anything rescue the character from the infamy of Billy Zane? Is anyone still a fan of the property?