EXCLUSIVE: John Ostrander Explains The 'Suicide Squad' Storyline He'd Like To See Adapted

'Suicide Squad'When it was announced in February that DC/Warner Bros had set its sights on the supervillain team-up series "Suicide Squad" as one of the next properties to get the big-screen treatment, I spoke with the "Squad" creator John Ostrander to get some thoughts on the series and which characters were must-have cast members. Along with giving us the lowdown on the characters he considered a necessity for a proper "Suicide Squad" film, Ostrander also shared some thoughts on the story he thinks would provide a proper introduction to the cast of unwilling heroes.

"Some fans have suggested that the first storyline, trying to keep the Jihad from launching a terrorist attack, would make a good storyline [for the film]," Ostrander told MTV News. "I don't think they'll adapt any actual storylines but that story could be a good model of what makes the Squad work."

According to Ostrander, the formula for a faithful representation of the "Suicide Squad" -- an ever-changing cast of supervillains forced to engage in dangerous missions by a shadowy government agency -- consists of "espionage and a touch of politics and the usual Squad double dealing."

"[That's] the stuff that makes the Squad the Squad," explained Ostrander.

However, Ostrander was quick to point out that the aforementioned suggestions are exactly that -- suggestions -- and not must-have qualities that will determine whether it's "mission accomplished" for a "Suicide Squad" adaptation.

"Movies and comics are too different mediums and I'm not going to try to tell anyone how to do their jobs," said Ostrander. "These are just a few of my stray thoughts here on the sidelines."

Looking forward to a "Suicide Squad" movie? What about "Suicide Squad" storylines you'd like to see on the big screen?