EXCLUSIVE: Watch A Clip From The Live-Action 'Street Angel' Movie

Earlier this month, I posted some all-new art by "Street Angel" co-creator Jim Rugg that was used in a live-action short film based on the quirky indie series. "Street Angel" director Lucas Testro followed that up by sending Splash Page an exclusive clip from the movie (which you can watch below), framed by the following synopsis:

"Jesse has fought her way through Dr Pangea's ninja henchman, but now finds her way blocked by a set of locked doors as Pangea's laser is about to fire. With doomsday only seconds away, Jesse resorts to another way down -- a rusty, old ventilation duct to who-knows-where..."

"I don't know how much you remember of the original comics, but this sequence mirrors pretty closely the equivalent sequence in 'Street Angel' #1," wrote Testro. "It also shows some of the mixed-media we use in the film, combining live action with occasional animated sections."

What did you think of the clip? Have you read "Street Angel"? Sound off in the comment section!