Live-Action 'Green Lantern' Movie To Begin Shooting In September

Green LanternBy Josh Wigler

While most eyes are on "Green Lantern: First Flight," the upcoming animated feature about DC's ring-wielding superhero, things seem to be quietly moving forward with the live-action "Green Lantern" movie that was recently given a December 17, 2010, release date in theaters. Now comes word that "Green Lantern" will officially begin shooting in mid-September.

According to a Production Weekly post on Twitter, production offices for "Green Lantern" are being set up at the Tribeca West complex in Los Angeles. A subsequent post reported that the movie is "scheduled to begin filming mid-September in Australia."

Elsewhere, Dark Horizons interviewed "Green Lantern" producer Donald De Line about the status of the movie, and he gladly confirmed the shooting date.

"We are leaving for Australia Wednesday night with Martin Campbell, our director, to go scout in Sydney and Melbourne," said the producer. "We plan on starting to shoot mid-September in Australia."

The producer stated that not a single character has been cast, despite various rumors pegging Ryan Gosling as Green Lantern and other reports that Anton Yelchin was vying for the "Green Lantern" lead. The one thing De Line would confirm is that Hal Jordan will be front and center in the film.

"There have been many variations of the Green Lantern," De Line continued. "Our story is the Hal Jordan version."

Do you think "Green Lantern" will take flight in September, or will a yellow-hued catastrophe delay production? Sound off in the comments section!