As 'Watchmen' Winds Down, 'Watchmensch' Hits Shelves

'Watchmensch'"Watchmen" is on a troubling box-office slide these days, but this week (today, in fact) will see the U.S. debut of "Watchmensch," veteran comics columnist Rich Johnston's graphic novel that parodies the much-beloved Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons story, and offers up a clever, Yiddish-laden take on the comics industry, its relationship with Hollywood, and creators' rights.

Written by Johnston and with art by Simon Rohrmuller, "Watchmensch" tells the tale of an investigation by the Rorschach-themed, "Oy Vey"-exclaiming character "Spottyman" who believes that the death of a comics industry lawyer could mean a much greater conspiracy against the courtroom defenders of comic book creators' rights. Spottyman looks to get the legal team back together and, if early previews are any indication, hilarity ensues.



Described as "a complex and multi-layered tale of New York copyright and trademark lawyers, a conspiracy against them from an unknown powerful source and a history of how the comic industry has dealt with its creators -- and just the occasional snatch of Yiddish," the book hits comics shop shelves today. You can find a complete list of retailers and more info about the book (including a full preview) at its official website.

Planning to check out "Watchmensch"? What's your favorite "Watchmen" parody been thus far?