St. Patrick's Day Special: Our 7 Favorite Irish Superheroes

BansheeIt’s St. Patrick’s Day, folks! What better time to talk about Irish and Irish-American super-heroes? Here's a quick roundup of some of our favorite heroes who are likely to be celebrating today around the comics world.

BANSHEE: Sean Cassidy was a blue-collar guy from County Mayo, Ireland, who also had a secret -- he was a mutant, born with sonic-based abilities that allowed him to fly and take down opponents with devastating sonic attacks. Originally an agent for Interpol, Banshee later joined the X-Men for many years and for a while was the teacher for a younger generation of mutants. His daughter, Theresa (a.k.a. "Syryn") inherited identical abilities and for a while was a member of X-Force.

SPIDER-MAN 2099: In the future era of 2099 A.D., a new Spider-Man arose after receiving powers similar to Peter Parker of the past. This new Spider-Man was Miguel O’Hara, a Mexican-Irish scientist. Unlike Peter Parker, Miguel’s mutation gave him telescopic vision, night-vision, talons that could slice through metal, and fangs which could paralyze his opponents with venom.

DaredevilDAREDEVIL: Born in Hell’s Kitchen, the red-headed Matt Murdock grew up with strong Irish-Catholic values. Though blind, the rest of Daredevil’s senses operate on superhuman levels and he developed a “radar-sense” to help him operate as a vigilante. Other than that, Daredevil relies purely on athletic prowess and martial arts abilities.

ANT-MAN III: The third Ant-Man, Eric O’Grady is a self-serving, reluctant super-hero who works for the government. With his suit of techno-armor, the “irredeemable Ant-Man” can alter his size, fly with a jetpack and talk to ants (though he’s not very good at that since he hasn’t practiced).

KYLE RAYNER (GREEN LANTERN): For many years, freelance artist Kyle was the sole Green Lantern, the “Torchbearer,” and was later instrumental in bringing back the universe-spanning Green Lantern Corps. Though his adventures often lead him into deep space, Kyle never forgets his roots. His father was a Mexican-American and his mother was an Irish woman so proud of her heritage that she insisted on teaching Kyle how to speak Gaelic. Seems he was always meant to wear green!

'Captain America'CAPTAIN AMERICA: Born in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Steve Rogers was the son of Irish immigrants, Sarah and Joseph. During World War II, the government made Steve a “super-soldier,” enhancing his body to the peak of human ability. When the process couldn’t be duplicated, Steve began his career as a rallying symbol for the US and was dubbed Captain America.

SHAMROCK: Born in Dunshaughlin, Ireland, Molly Fitzgerald had the unusual ability to be a magnet for lost souls who had been innocent victims of war. When different spirits came to her aid, they caused good luck for her and bad luck for her enemies. Shamrock made a few scattered appearances before retiring from the superhero life to become a hairdresser.

Any other Irish or Irish-American superheroes you think should be on our list? Let us know in the comment section!