'Spider-Man 4’ Release Date Announced

'Spider-Man'Look for Spider-Man to hang around in the spotlight with a vengeance for the next couple of years. With his new U2-composed musical "Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark" opening in 2010, and a place in comics-friendly US President Barack Obama's heart, he's already getting plenty of mainstream attention. And today, Sony and Marvel Studios announced that the fourth installment in the "Spider-Man" film franchise will get a firm release date of May 6, 2011.

The announcement accompanied a list of other Marvel Studios movie release announcements regarding "Iron Man 2," "Thor," "The First Avenger: Captain America," and "The Avengers."

"The Wrestler" star Mickey Rourke was reportedly considered for a villain role "Spider-Man 4," though no story details have been released at this point. (Wouldn't Rourke's hulking and grizzled presence be an ideal match for the Spider-Man villain Kraven?)

Director Sam Raimi and leading man Toby Maguire are both locked to return for the sequel, with Kirsten Dunst likely to follow. The big question up in the air remains whether the film will be a team-up of past supervillains or introduce someone entirely new. Their interest in Rourke may indicate that there is a specific new villain already on the table.

What Spider-Man villain would you like to see appear in "Spider-Man 4"? Is 2011 going to be soon enough for the next the sequel? Share your reactions in the comment section below!