Where To Go After 'Watchmen' -- DC Launches 'What's Next?' Website

'Watchmen'They watched the "Watchmen," now what do they read? That's the question DC Comics looks to be trying to answer with a new website and multimedia advertising campaign aiming to route moviegoers to the publisher's broader line of contemporary titles.

The new site, "After Watchmen, What's Next?" launched this week, and while everyone continues to analyze the $55.7 million opening weekend for "Watchmen," DC Comics seems to recognize the data's most inherent conclusion: millions of people paid to see an R-rated film that wasn't based on their mainstream heroes.

With sections listing "Books That Redefine Modern Superheroes," "More Books By Alan Moore," "Books That Push The Boundaries Of Science Fiction," "Best-Selling Books From Best-Selling Authors," and "Books For Mature Readers," the site profiles some of the most acclaimed comics from DC's varied imprints.

Not surprisingly, many of the featured titles are linked to future mainstream media projects or have already received the movie treatment. The featured "DC: The New Frontier," for example, saw an animated DVD release last year as "Justice League: The New Frontier," and while it bears little resemblance to Moore's listed comic work, even "Swamp Thing" has seen some media success with two feature films and two television series.

A few of the books with television or film projects in the works include Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's "We3," Bill Willingham's "Fables" and Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's "Y: The Last Man."

Only time will tell which properties will bear fruit, but if the site is any indication, the future of DC's comic movies could be more diverse than ever.

Interested in reading any of the "After the Watchmen" picks? Which of DC Comics' mature titles do you think deserve the next big media treatment?