EXCLUSIVE: 'Thor' Director Kenneth Branagh 'Thinking Ahead' To 'Iron Man 2’ & Other Marvel Movies

Kenneth BranaghDespite the relatively few official announcements Marvel's made regarding its next "Avengers" tie-in, fans can't throw a hammer these days without smacking some "Thor" movie gossip.

In fact, director Kenneth Branagh seems to be at the fore of a "Thor" chatter charge lately. From Branagh lunching with potential "Thor" stars and a public Odinson casting call to rumors about some high-profile "Thor" cast members, Branagh seems to be working to prove to fans that he's ready to help assemble some Avengers.

"[Branagh] understood that there was this very, very big tapestry of the Marvel movies," Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada told MTV News. "There's continuity within the movies and he really wanted to play within that and wanted it to be part of the other movies."

Quesada seemed to affirm Marvel Universe "architect" Brian Bendis' confidence in "Thor" after a recent meeting of the three creators.

And those "other movies" Quesada referred to, which include last summers' "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk" as well as the upcoming big-screen "Iron Man 2" and "Captain America" projects, will require some attention in the film if Marvel hopes to pull off its intended "Avengers" franchise. But Quesada thinks Branagh is already on the right track.

"He was really, really loving the interconnectivity between all of these characters," said Quesada, "and even thinking ahead as to how does 'Thor' interrelate with the 'Iron Man' movies. How will he interrelate with the Avengers movies, and how do we set these things up."

Does Branagh's quest for Asgard have you excited? How do you think "Thor" will fit into the broader Marvel movie universe?