'Spider-Man 3’ Actress Bryce Dallas Howard Wants Luna Brothers 'The Sword' Adaptation

Bryce Dallas Howard“Terminator Salvation” star Bryce Dallas Howard not only loves the Luna Brothers’ comic book series “The Sword,” but if she gets her way, she'll also star in an adaptation of the Image Comics title.

“I love the Luna Brothers,” Howard told G4 during Wonder Con in San Francisco. “If there ever was an adaptation of ‘The Sword’ that would be incredible.”

Howard, no stranger to comic book movies, starred as Gwen Stacy in “Spider-Man 3” and mentioned that she emailed the Brothers telling them how much she loved their work.

“The Sword” is a modern day fairy tale involving a red-haired college student named Dara Brighton whose life is changed forever when three strangers knock on her door claiming she has a mystical sword that is rightfully their own. The series, according to the Luna Brothers’ website, is for people who like “Kill Bill” and “Highlander.”

Previously, Howard talked with us about being ready for “Spider-Man 4” come 2011 and geeked out at Comic-Con International.

What do you think about Bryce Dallas Howard in a “Sword” adaptation? Think she could play the lead? What other comic book movies Sound off in the comment section!

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