'Watchmen' Tops Box Office And Amazon Best-Seller List

'Watchmen'One of the complaints often heard when it comes to comic book movies is that, just because a film does wonders at the multiplex, it doesn't necessarily translate into sales of the source material. In other words, "The Dark Knight" has become a billion-dollar box office juggernaut, but when last we checked, sales of "Batman" comics have been on a slow but steady decline at comic shops.

Leave it to the ever-groundbreaking "Watchmen" to buck that trend.

As of this writing, "Watchmen" -- already a perennial best-seller long before the film debuted -- holds the #1 spot on Amazon.com's Top 100 bestselling books list -- and not just among graphic novels, mind you, but overall sales, the first time in recent memory a comic has ever topped the list.

While actual numbers haven't been released regarding the number of books that have been sold since "Watchmen"'s strong debut last weekend, clearly, newcomers to the epic story have been heeding the "if you liked the film, you'll love the book" advice from us longtime fans. However, this isn't the first time "Watchmen" has seen a sales bump -- according to ICv2.com (a site devoted to comic industry sales figures), "Watchmen" sales saw a dramatic increase after the trailer premiered in front of "The Dark Knight" last summer, leading DC to print an additional 900,000 copies of the book to meet demand, as well as an updated hardcover edition.

Did you buy a copy of "Watchmen" recently? Or did you already own a copy prior to the film's release?

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