EXCLUSIVE: Nicolas Cage Talks 'Ghost Rider 2,' Wants More Horror In Potential Sequel

'Ghost Rider'Just because Marvel Comics' most gallant flaming skull isn't necessarily on the fast track for a sequel doesn't mean Hollywood's completely put "Ghost Rider 2" on the backburner. Nicolas Cage, who's slated to reprise his 2007 "Ghost Rider" role as Johnny Blaze, told MTV News that a writer is currently being sought for the follow-up.

The sequel, which could see the demonic biker battling evil in Europe alongside the Catholic Church is still in its infancy, meaning a director is also needed before flaming tires hit the pavement again. Though Mark Steven Johnson, co-writer and director of "Daredevil" and the first "Ghost Rider" film, seems like a reasonable candidate for either role with the sequel, Cage said nothing's been decided so far.

"Everyone is very busy. I know Mark has his own thing going on," Cage told MTV, "It's up to the studio. It's really in their hands."

When asked which elements the sequel should include, Cage spoke tentatively given the early stage of "Ghost Rider 2" development. He did, however, point out the importance of some signature Ghost Rider themes.

"It has to have that action horror element and go deeper into that if it were to happen and [it should] keep us asking questions. Keep it interesting on a philosophical level," said Cage.

What do you think Ghost Rider fans? Would a new creative team and a darker tone suit the "Ghost Rider" film franchise?