Watchmen Vs. Wolverine? Logan Takes On Rorschach In New Fan Video

Wolverine and Rorschach, two of comics’ grisliest leading men, engage in a war of words in the latest installment of the popular fan-made video series "Hi, I’m a Marvel…And I’m a DC." This time around, series creator ItsJustSomeRandomGuy leverages the "I’m a Mac... and "I’m a PC" template to debate comic book films -- namely "Watchmen" and "Wolverine." Naturally, hilarity ensues.

Heck, if "Wolverine" star Hugh Jackman is already hobnobbing with "Twilight" charmer Robert Pattinson, why shouldn’t his alter-ego step out with another comic book character bringing a big-budget movie to the screen this season?

Highlights of the Wolverine/Rorschach exchange include such knuckle-smackers as Wolverine claiming, "Wizard Magazine called me the greatest comic book character of all time!" -- to which Rorschach responds, "They called 'Watchmen' the greatest comic book of all time."

Luckily, Wolverine arch-nemesis Sabretooth is hanging around to offer a closing resolution that both of the angst-plagued comic badasses can get behind: "So does that mean that both of our movies combined will cause people’s skulls to cave in from shear awesomeness?"

What did you think of Wolverine and Rorschach’s debate over their respective movies? Do you think Marvel or DC is going to come out on top at the box office this year? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!