Who's Who In The Latest 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' Trailer? We've Got The Rundown

'X-Men Origins: Wolverine''By now you've seen the final trailer for "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," and if you're anything like us here at Splash Page, one of the main things you noticed (on top of some freakin' insane fight scenes and action) was that there's going to be a lot of mutants showing up in this flick!

While the hardcore Marvel heads among us will no doubt have their own frame-by-frame analysis of the cameos, we've got a quick rundown of the new muties who got some major face time in this latest trailer. We'll spare you the obvious ones -- Wolverine, Sabretooth, Gambit and Deadpool -- and point out some that you might have missed... or had you wondering "Who's that dude that looks like a cross between Kratos from "God of War" and Baraka from "Mortal Kombat?"

John Wraith

John Wraith: Played by rapper-turned-actor Will.I.Am (who spoke with MTV.com back in June of last year about the role), Wraith (a.k.a. Kestrel) is a powerful teleporter who -- thanks to his unwilling participation in the infamous "Weapon X Program" -- also has a slowed-aging factor.

Emma Frost

Emma Frost: Played by relative newcomer Tahyna Tozzi, Frost (The White Queen) is well-known throughout comics as one of the sexiest, classiest and most untrustworthy mutants to ever team up with Professor X's "Gifted Youngsters." True to her style, she has the ability to turn her skin into a diamond-like substance, able to withstand major damage.

Silver Fox

Silver Fox: Lynn Collins (who also spoke with Splash Page back in September) plays the role of one-time Wolverine love-interest who -- if the trailer is to be believed -- meets a tragic end. However, those who know her from the comics know that it's hard to keep a good woman down, especially when she's got a healing factor of her own.

Weapon XI

Weapon XI: That mysterious character that shows up towards the end of the trailer looks to be a major clue to the possible spoiler we mentioned a few weeks back during our coverage of Toy Fair. Very little is known about Weapon XI, other than he's a newer "model" of mutant soldier that can easily give Wolverine a run for his money. Watch this space because he (along with Deadpool) could be the break-out character of "Wolverine." (For more on this character, check out our analysis of the Deadpool/Weapon XI mystery!)

Agent Zero

Agent Zero: Because not all mutants wear super-cool leather jackets, this suit-and-tie wearing mutant (played by Daniel Henney) can pretty much do it all -- absorb kinetic energy, has an accelerated healing factor, and apparently is pretty handy with firearms.


Blob: Blink and you would've missed him (even though it's really hard to miss a dude this size), the Blob is a walking "Yo Mama" joke who's so fat ("How fat is he?") that he has his own personal gravity field on top of being damn-near immovable. Kevin Durand plays the longtime X-Men headache.

Other mutants: Besides the bunch we've mentioned above, we also saw quite a bit more of a young Scott Summers, who will eventually become the leader of the X-Men, Cyclops. Oh, and that frozen buy with one green eye and one blue eye? That's Jason Stryker, the telepathic mutant we last saw in "X2," and son of mutant-hating soldier William Stryker. Absent from the latest trailer, however, is any sign of Barnell "Beak" Bohusk, played by Dominic Monaghan. A conspicuous absence, since we haven't seen much of his character thus far.

So, who did we miss? Let us know in the comments!

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