'Wolverine' Meets 'Twilight'... For A Song? Hugh Jackman & Robert Pattinson's Karaoke Crossover

'Wolverine'It's no secret that "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" star Hugh Jackman can carry a tune, but when 2008's "sexiest man alive" puts his pipes to the test against up-and-coming "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson, is he the best there is at what he does?

According to E Online, Jackman and Pattinson recently ended up in the same Tokyo bar after finishing up with promotional events for "Australia" and "Twilight," respectively. As any comics fan knows, this type of crossover event should result in their respective characters pitting claws against fangs in a wild brawl... until they both realize they're the good guys and learn a valuable lesson about communication. However, instead of a fight breaking out, the two superpower-savvy stars teamed-up for a song.

According to reports, Jackman and the "Australia" crew were out celebrating the success of the film when the cast of "Twilight" showed up at the same karaoke bar. The "Twilight" pack was in town for the Tokyo debut of the big-screen adaptation of Stephenie Meyers' wildly popular novels.

While we're certain that Wolverine wouldn't have a problem taking apart the uber-angsty vampire Edward Cullen, the news about the two actors converging on the same location did prompt us to ponder the comic-book ramifications of such a crossover. And heck, from what we've heard of Jackman's singing voice, we're pretty sure he'd come out the winner in a sing-off, too.

Final Tally: Comic Book Superheroes 1, Young Adult Series Vampires 0.

Jackman vs. Pattinson! Wolverine vs. Edward Cullen! It's the battle of the year played out in a karaoke bar! Let us know your thoughts on this clash of the titans!