EXCLUSIVE: Eric Powell Introduces The Cast Of 'The Goon' In A 10th Anniversary Video Tour!

Way back in March 1999, the first issue of Eric Powell's quirky horror-noir series "The Goon" landed on comics shop shelves. A full decade later, Powell's musclebound protagonist and a cast of other bizarre characters continue their zombie-smashing, eye-stabbing adventures in a special 10th Anniversary issue headed to comic shops this week, and production continues on a CG-animated "The Goon" movie, produced by "Fight Club" director David Fincher.

In order to commemorate a decade of "The Goon" (and the upcoming film based on the character), Dark Horse Comics has provided Splash Page with an exclusive video introduction to the series' cast of characters, narrated by Powell himself.

With ten years of comics behind him and many more (not to mention a movie) in the future, it's a great time to get to know The Goon... and who better to handle the introduction?

"The Goon" #32 (the 10th anniversary issue) will hit shelves Wednesday, March 4, but you can preview the issue at the Dark Horse Comics website. Here's the cover to the issue:

'The Goon' #32

What do you think of Powell's introduction to the cast of "The Goon"? Are you a fan already? Has your interest been piqued enough to become one? Let us know your thoughts on the series, its anniversary and the upcoming film in the comment section below!