EXCLUSIVE: 'Street Angel' Movie To Feature Jim Rugg Animation -- Get Your First Look Here!

Earlier this month, I told you about the live-action "Street Angel" movie based on the 2004 series by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca. The story of a pre-teen, skateboarding martial artist who defends her turf against ninjas, time-traveling conquistadors and other crazy threats is a favorite of mine, and after posting the story, I heard from the film's director, Lucas Testro, who filled me in on a few more details about the film -- including the news that "Street Angel" co-creator Jim Rugg provided some brand-new art for animation sequences in the film.

Testro also gave Splash Page readers the first look at some of the art Rugg created for the film.

'Street Angel'

After the jump, check out another exclusive image from one of the animated sequences in "Street Angel," featuring the art of Jim Rugg.

According to Testro, the animated sequence will finally reveal the origin story of the series' hero, Jesse Sanchez, and shed some light on the people and events in her past. The image posted below shows Jesse's parents -- and hints at the presence of some ninja blood in Jesse's family tree.

'Street Angel'

Answering one of the questions I posed in my original post, Testro also advised fans of the series to look to the "Street Angel" Facebook page for details about screenings of the film.

Are you a fan of "Street Angel"? What do you think of the Jim Rugg art -- and how it will look when it's animated? Sound off in the comment section!