EXCLUSIVE: 'Batman 3’ Deal Is 'All Speculation,' Says Christopher Nolan Rep

Christopher Nolan and 'Batman Begins'There was no shortage of online chatter last week when it was announced that, instead of jumping into the next Batman movie, "The Dark Knight" director Christopher Nolan would direct "Inception," a "contemporary sci-fi actioner" based on an original screenplay he wrote. And with all of the speculation resulting from that announcement, it's no surprise that there have been more than a few individuals willing to comment on potential deals involving Nolan and the next movie based on DC's Caped Crusader.

Most recently, Batman-On-Film reported (via anonymous sources) that Nolan's deal for "Inception" includes "an agreement between the studio and the acclaimed director to helm his second sequel to 'Batman Begins.'" So, with all of the rumors being thrown around about "Batman 3," MTV News brought the most recent report to one of Nolan's official reps for a response.

"He is doing 'Inception' next," reiterated the Nolan rep. "We haven't announced any deal or anything on the next Batman as that is all speculation."

While this certainly doesn't confirm or deny the report that Nolan's work on "Inception" is connected to "Batman 3," it does throw another log on the speculative fire -- so read from it what you will. As we've pointed out before, however, Nolan's decision to put "Inception" next on his schedule probably shouldn't be the sole reason for concern, as more than three years (and another film) passed between "Batman Begins" and "The Dark Knight," too.

Until we do get official word from Nolan's camp, we'll just occupy ourselves by playing the "Batman 3" casting game. Paul Giamatti as The Penguin, anyone?

What do you think, readers -- is there any reason for concern? Think it's a good idea to put some space between the Batman movies? Let us know!

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