EXCLUSIVE: Brett Ratner Dishes On 'Conan' Casting, Says Star Should Be 'An Unknown'

'Conan'When last we heard from the "Conan" revamp camp, director Brett Ratner was adamantly dismissing rumors that he'd signed on to direct a "Conan" remake, saying the "Conan" news was premature and his next project would be "Beverly Hills Cop 4."

However, he's certainly not denying his desire to take on Cimmeria's resident berzerker in a big screen update. In fact, the director behind "X-Men: The Last Stand" already has ideas on how he'd handle casting.

"I believe it should be an unknown," Ratner hinted to MTV News. "Conan is kind of iconic. It's kind of like when you do Superman."

"Growing up, my favorite comic book was 'Conan,'" added Ratner. "[It] was the first comic book I ever read."

However, Ratner is well aware that taking the reins on an all-new "Conan" project is a task worthy of the barbarian himself. After all, the original series of films hold a special place in fanyboy's hearts, and replacing Arnold Schwarzenegger in the title role is darn-near sacrilege. But Ratner, ever the optimist, believes the time is right for "Conan" to pillage the local multiplex once again.

"Look, it’s difficult to fill those shoes," insisted Ratner, "But they came up with a new Batman, they came up with a new James Bond, you know?"

Do you think Ratner will be a good fit for "Conan?" Who would you cast in the lead role? Let's hear it in the comments, readers!