‘The Dark Knight’ Movie Toys At Toy Fair 2009: Evil Batman, Cartoony Joker And… Deathstroke!

The Dark Knight” is quickly carving out a place for itself among the most successful films of all time, so it’s no surprise that toys based on the record-breaking, award-winning movie are still popping up and going strong at Toy Fair 2009.

Here’s a photo of Mattel’s “Fear Toxin” Batman that was released late last year.

Read on for more images of “Dark Knight” movie toys from Toy Fair 2009.

Here’s the full version of the “Fear Toxin” Batman toy. Creepy, eh?

While the Joker figure on the left was eerily movie-realistic, Mattel also provided a more cartoony, comics-inspired Joker figure in this larger scale seen on the right side of this photo.

One of the figures that surprised me when this line was revealed last year was a toy based on Deathstroke, DC’s deadly mercenary who has rose to become one of the publisher’s most prominent “big bads” in the last few years. While the figure had many speculating whether Deathstroke would be appearing in “The Dark Knight,” it looks like it was all just a bit of clever misdirection that, in the end, resulted in a pretty cool action figure.

Finally, I had to snap a photo of these “Dark Knight” bobbleheads on display in the NECA booth. Why? Because they creep me the heck out.

What toys from the “Dark Knight” universe are you still waiting to see? Like any of the figures I snapped photos of here? Let us know in the comment section!