John Malkovich Joins 'Jonah Hex,' Josh Brolin For Comic Book Adaptation

John MalovichWhen Josh Brolin name drops, people should listen. Back when Brolin was still contemplating whether he would play Jonah Hex, DC's scarred gunslinger, he told MTV News that the script was interesting if you casted, say, John Malkovich alongside him. Well, guess who's just been cast as Hex's nemesis? According to Variety, it's none other than Malkovich.

Malkovich will play Turnbull, a wealthy Southern plantation owner whose son is killed by Union soldiers in the Civil War. One of the few recurring villains in Hex's solo series, Turnbull was known at first as "the man with the eagle-topped cane." He was later revealed to be Quentin Turnbull, father of Jonah's best friend, Jeb. Jeb was killed by Union forces after Jonah surrendered to them, and Turnbull blamed Hex for the loss of his son.

Turnbull was always lurking in the background of Hex's adventures, trying blow him up or pay off someone to kill him. With Malkovich wielding the cane, I think we can expect the action to be a little more confrontational.

Jimmy Hayward is directing "Jonah Hex" for Warner Bros. Fans were skeptical about losing Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor (though the film did retain their script), but the addition of Malkovich might temper that doubt a little bit. Production on "Jonah Hex" begins in April.

Are you guys excited to see John Malkovich join Josh Brolin in Jonah Hex? Is this a must-see comic adaptation for you, or did the loss of Neveldine and Taylor kill your interest in it?